Red Hawk Music grew out of my interest in fixing musical instruments. Part necessity – I had to learn to fix my own instruments, part inspiration – I worked in the mid-eighties in a woodwind repair shop and then assisted the viol maker John Pringle. While teaching young children at the Duke University Pre-Collegiate String School I would have the same students showing up week after week with the same broken strings or broken instruments because their parents could not afford to or could not find the time to have them repaired so I started doing it myself. Eventually someone convinced me I could be doing this work as a business and so Red Hawk Music was born.

For years I had a robust sales/rental/repair business but soon tired of the sales and rental aspects. These days I mostly work on cellos and basses and supply strings and accessories for both the viol and violin families. I usually have some rental instruments available and often fill requests for items that I don’t usually keep in stock. Just ask.

Hours are by appointment only. Use the contact form if you don’t already have my contact information and I will get back to you promptly.

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